What Sets The EDGE Bat Apart


With The Edge Bat anything less than perfection will not result in a line drive or solid contact. This bat eliminates bad swings so that only the good ones develop muscle memory. If you practice with the edge bat and make it part of your routine, you can find the flaws in your swing faster and most importantly make the proper adjustments. That goes for both players and coaches. Coaches you’ll be able to watch your hitters’ swings and not question any tweaks you think you see and players you’ll be able to better yourself when you don’t have someone there to tell you what you’re doing wrong.

Let’s start with the handle. You may have already notice that The Edge Bat handle is not round, it’s rectangle. This is probably the most important part of the bat, without it the rest of what this bat does would be obsolete. The rectangle handle allows the hitter to know for certain that they are holding the bat correctly, insuring they get the most out of their hands. Because of this component of the bat you can be certain that any swings that do not result in a solid line drive are because of a mistake in the hitters swing. 

As a hitter, you want to line your hands up knuckles to knuckles which gives your wrists full movement and most importantly allows your back arm and hand to push the barrel through the zone. You’ve probably heard coaches talk about having a strong barrel in the past. What they are talking about is the use of this back arm, which is usually the most underdeveloped part of most player’s swing. If your hands are wrapped and choking the bat, when you try and utilize this back hand it’s going to cause you to roll over or pop-up.

Now let’s move to the barrel. I’ve seen a couple of people pick The Edge Bat up and start smacking away with the big side like it’s a pickle bat. No, we hit with the edge, hence The Edge Bat. This is where the handle begins to set our product apart. If there was a round handle you would never truly know if your hands are lined up in a way that is going to allow you to hit with this edge perfectly, but with the rectangle handle you can be assured that any mistakes made are flaws in the swing and not something else.

Why the edge? First there’s the obvious benefit, you’re hitting with very little surface area instead of a big thick barrel. When The Edge Bat is used during batting practice it’s going to help make hitters more consistent and precise. As great as that is that’s not the main purpose of this bat. The purpose is to fix any flaws a hitter has in their swing. If the hitter rolls over on the ball maybe because their hands aren’t staying inside the ball and they are casting (or whatever the mistake may be), the mistake becomes easily realized and fixed. When a mistake like rolling over occurs the ball is going to go into the ground or be fouled up and off the bat. Let’s look at a different scenario. Maybe a hitter has a tendency to not stay closed and is swinging open early making them pop-up. With The Edge Bat you are going to immediately feel/see this.