About Us

Why did the guys at The Edge think this was a good idea?

We are a diverse, passionate bunch.  We have coaches, players (from 12 to college) and retired MLB players on our advisory board. Our owners are guys that are real tired of seeing bad swings. Our passion is baseball.  We have over 50 years of experience from playing the game to coaching at all youth levels, ages 9-19.  So, how does that make us the experts?  Well, frankly we aren’t but we do know what works.  The Edge is the ultimate hitting tool when it comes to teaching young men and women how to hit the ball.  We have also seen this tool work for professionals just needing a tune up.  Most hitting tools on the market are designed with a certain skill in mind.  There are some great products out there and if used properly and consistently they will improve some aspect of your swing.  We have tested The Edge with many players for the past 6 years.  We found The Edge to be an excellent tool for hitting training in every aspect of the swing.  The short of it, “This tool really works.”  You won’t be disappointed with the results from The Edge.  The bottom line, you need to commit to using The Edge properly on a consistent basis during your hitting regimen.  You will see improvement in your swing.  Like any other thing in life - you must be dedicated, practice a lot and be willing to accept change to realize the benefits from The Edge.

We are pumped about this product.  So, we offer a 500 day unconditional guarantee on all our products.  If for any reason the bat becomes damaged during regular use as dictated in our instructions, we will replace your model bat for free.