$ 159.99

The Edge Bat is a unique tool unlike any other product on the market. You can use this tool in any area of your training routine including live batting practice. The Edge gives players immediate feedback on their swing, correcting any roll-over habits, improving hand eye coordination, and developing a strong consistent barrel through the zone. The rectangle grip forces palm up/palm down position on contact and simulates sweet spot hitting.

With The Edge Bat, bigger is not always better. We recommend that you get the same size as the bat length you use for games or an inch smaller. Our Edge Bats are not designed for immediate success as developing a beautiful swing is a difficult task that can require many adjustments. The Edge tools are created to help individuals meet their potential but we want to inform you that this tool is also designed to expose the flaws in your swing. Unless you are already a pro or a very elite player, it may take time before The Edge Bat becomes as comfortable as your game bat.

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