Ultimate Swing Training Package

$ 159.98 $ 169.98

Up Your Game With The Ultimate Swing Training Package

The Edge Bat is a unique tool unlike any other product on the market. You can use this tool in any area of your training routine including live batting practice. The Edge gives players immediate feedback on their swing, correcting any roll-over habits, improving hand eye coordination, and developing a strong consistent barrel through the zone. The rectangle grip forces palm up/palm down position on contact and simulates sweet spot hitting.

The 18" Edge Bat Mini offers the same benefits as our full size Edge Bat while combining the functionality and control of a hammer bat. The Mini continues to encourage level palms through the zone, eliminating roll-over habits while still promoting the hitter to swing down through the baseball. It helps hitters shoot their hands to the ball and exposes if a player has a habit of pulling off of the baseball. It also keeps hands inside the baseball so the hitter can better see the pitch, eliminating casting. The tool can be used to train either hand and is made for hitting real baseballs.

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